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So you may of noticed (if you are a regular reader (And I presume some of you are as this blog seems to have a regular readership of 14-20 even when  I don’t post)) that my posts are few and far between on this blog.

It’s simply because this theory, these concepts, this information is important to me. I refuse to post anything that isn’t of any value to me, that I wouldn’t want to read myself, that wouldn’t immediately raise my interest or leave me wanting to know more.

That’s just not how this works, so while the posts may be slightly irregular, they will hopefully all be of value to you, something you can gain from, something that helps you better understand my vision.

So, enjoy.


Preventitive measures

Following this news article I felt a sense of elation. For once I could say I was proud of my fellow-man (or in this case women-as it’s a female that invented the item being discussed).

The Anti Rape condom is a masterwork step in the right direction for our civilisation. It is a female condom that sits inside the females lower area, much like an inverted condom.

The Anti Rape condom has hooks that, when a man inserts his phallus, clasp on. These hooks can not be removed by anyone except a doctor. Should the man try to remove the condom himself, it clasps tighter.

It’s an invention that she should be truly proud of and that, women everywhere, should look to as a beacon of hope that yes, something is being done.

This was made in time for the World cup in South Africa when a lot of this activity is sure to occur.

There are a few issues I’d like to see addressed.

  • If the man inserts his fingers first, he’ll feel the condom and will take it out.
  • The condom does not look comfortable. A design needs to be made that a female can wear constantly when going out.
  • The condom should be reuseable/washable. At the moment the current cost is two dollars, which is worth the investment to be sure, but it will eventually add up.

I think if these problems are addressed this could be a bright future for the design. I really hope we continue making steps in this direction. Too many females are assaulted every year. While this doesn’t stop the trauma of rape, it will minimise the instances where it occurs and enable us to catch predators.


It is beyond me why today’s homes do not come equipped standard with a global, national and local communications screen, for free.

Communication is becoming a lynchpin in today’s society, we rely on it to propose business ideas, relate news and talk to friends. Yet we pay money to a set of commercial giants for this privilege. Why?

Talking to friends, partners, family or associates should be free and should be delivered in a much better package.

In a Zen Anarchy society every home, or singles residence, will include a screen on a main wall, with an uplink directly to a local, national and global mainframe. This link will have video feed from and to the Sender/Receiver (Optional). These screens allow direct access to any global or national free news source (discussed later).

In the communications mainframe (directly in the city center) news reports are delivered to either a global, national or local database dependant on that news’ relevancy to those residents in those particular areas. These mainframes also immediately deliver any impending disaster information direct to home communication screens, giving immediate warning to all residents in a danger area. These messages will have the ability to turn on a Communications Screen if it is in Standby or Silent mode, activating an audible warning to Evacuate via the Emergency Transport networks.  They will not have the ability to turn on a Sound or Audio Receiver in the individuals location as this would be a breach of privacy.

This kind of immediate, relevant and safety communication would enable the world to choose their communication based on relevancy, it would allow the residents of the world to avoid impending disasters, and it would allow instant communication, free, anywhere in the world.

This allows the improvement of Emergency Assistance, improves crime reduction, assists in resident happiness by the individual not having to filter through communications that bear absolutely no relevance and allow constant communication with friends and family free of charge.

This system will also allow for an immediate poll of all residents in a particular area on a particular topic. For example, when rotational council is made, questions on all applicable topics to an area are delivered to residents with priority. Those residents answer these questions (all directly relevant to their area/their city/their nation) and the information is passed to the rotational council via the feed response constructed by the Communication Mainframe.

This system will increase safety, ensure that all decisions made are made with the consensus of the entire population not simply (and irresponsibly) via one or two people in a position of power.

If a definite conclusion cannot be reached (more than 10% towards either decision/direction/action), the decision is postponed and more information on the topic is delivered to the people via the Communications Screen.

These Home Communication Screens also link directly to individuals via a series of wires and connections similar to a mobile phone, attached to the individuals arm in the form of a glove. This glove allows communications to be displayed on the individuals forearm or via a contact lens inserted onto the retina. These communications will cease to transmit under the condition that the individual is travelling more than 0.5 km/h (when standing-thus walking) or more than 50km/h (while seated-thus driving). However the communications will function when travelling over 130 km/h (while seated or standing) thus on a mass transport device or automated personal vehicles.

This will ensure that communication while driving or walking is cancelled and thus ensures safety of all citizens.

Every citizen is listed in a global address book. However personal details (Name, sex, age, location, appearance) are all kept private and are not listed at all.

Due to Zen Anarchy being a resource based economy, not a monetary based economy- Spam messages and advertising have no need to exist and thus residents are delivered only the most applicable communications.

You eat what you kill.

It sounds brutal. It looks worse.

In today’s society we plug along- A burger here, a steak there, chicken nuggets here, fish fillet there. Yet none but a minority (and a very small minority) truly think about where their food came from. We have begun to take it for granted that a burger is a burger, not a piece of an animal. The burger is so coated in sugars and stuffed with saturated fat that you can’t taste the difference and so, in your mind, create a difference. A burger is a burger and a cow is a cow. These are now not two of the same item.

A piece of KFC chicken dripping with oil, soaked in fats, crumbed with sugary goodness is no longer a flightless bird, just a tasty lunch time snack.

We are taking what is provided for us, for granted.

In a Zen Anarchist society you will hunt, kill, strip, prepare and cook what you kill. You will, once again, appreciate the food put on this planet for you. There will not be mass harvesting of fish to the point where our fish stocks are slowly dying off, there will be no whole sale slaughter of cow, pig or lamb. You will hunt only for what you need, you yourself will bring this back to your living quarters (provided with a space to prepare meats, and a space to store meats).

You will have ample time to gather your food and hunt for your family with the demolishing of corporate and commercial practices. Wildlife will again begin to repopulate within each country and men and animals will share the planet harmoniously.

This has a three-fold benefit that is not existant today. Firstly, this practice will let the planet repopulate itself with fish, wild life and animals. Secondly, humans will begin regular excercise and constant sharpening of their primal instincts- producing a faster, smarter, more agile human and due to not being mass over supplied with fatty chain store or supermarket drug laced foods, more vegetables and fruits will be consumed. Finally, man will begin appreciating the source of his food again and may again begin to be thankful for that which is provided to him on a regular basis.

Some individuals claim that they could never kill a living animal. The answer is not to eat meat. If you can eat what was once a living animal, then you can work to understand where that animal comes from, what it takes to prepare that animal for consumption, and finally, learn to be thankful that that animal has been provided for you.

This is a healthier, more environmentally sustaining and humane practice than the mass slaughter, consumption and waste of billions of animals every day.

When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money.” ~ Cree Prophecy


Religion is a tough topic.

I know I’m going to offend with this post. Most likely I’ll lose some readership. I feel addressing the issue is needed however as otherwise I’m creating something and misleading my readers to a false final product.

Zen Anarchy is tolerant.

It tolerates race, sex, preference, interests and yes, even religion. What Zen Anarchy does not tolerate is persecution, seclusion or the attempt at creating a governing or authoritarian body.

It does not tolerate hate.

Religion is the poster child for persecution and intolerance, for hate.

Claim what you will about a forgiving god, about all men and women being accepted into gods arms (Except gays, women who undergo abortions, people of other religions, people who “sin”, people who don’t follow the word of god, atheists, agnostics etc, etc.).

“My religion is kindness”-Dalai Lama

So it should be. So it should be for all. What right does a church who claims the word of god have to define who and who does not slip into paradise? Why have we entitled this group to a divine right to forgive? It is in all men and women’s hearts- the ability to forgive.

I am agnostic, personally. However I will happily hear of a christians viewpoints so long as they do not try to convert me into their belief system. I will also more than happily listen to a catholics viewpoints, or a buddhist and so on and so forth. However, I refute preaching and will refuse to listen should the individual stop conversing and start converting.

In Zen Anarchy religious meeting places will exist. However these religious meeting places will share the building with each other. Zen Anarchists are tolerant beyond all else. These buildings will have separate wings wherein hundreds can be seated. These buildings are open to all, for any to come and listen to religious types speak. However, religious speakers will be offered no reverence. No speaker is more important than their listeners. No gold trimmed buildings, no ornate wooden chairs, no silk robed priests with bowls of wine that cost thousands.

Preaching in the community is acceptable, threatening members of the community that do not become initiated into the flock is unacceptable. Intolerance of other individuals is unacceptable.

In Zen Anarchy it does not matter if you are black, white, yellow, female, male, buddhist, christian, muslim. As long as you treat all men and women with respect, you will be accepted. Attempts at establishing an “order” should be refuted by the people and recognised as an attempt to establish an authoritarian body.

Religion is where Zen Anarchy hits its first major snag.

Zen Anarchy is intolerant of intolerance and inequality. Thus Zen Anarchy cannot tolerate some religions views that women are lower than men, that women should have to hide themselves, that women must bend to a mans will. These religions will be stamped out along with authoritarian bodies. These religions promote the inequality that is abundant in our world.

This type of belief system is outdated, it is cruel and it is obsolete. Many women hold many positions across a wide variety of fields in today’s world. The belief that women are lesser than men is an archaic and ridiculous notion.

Marriage is acceptable and promoted across all races, sexual preference and religion. Homosexual men and women should thrive as wonderfully as a heterosexual couple, interracial couples, in a Zen Anarchy society have nothing to fear.

Religion is a difficult topic, but one that must be addressed.

There is no way to govern religion when there are no authoritarian bodies. So the people must self govern themselves. Allow beliefs, disallow intolerance and fear mongering. You will be accepted into paradise after life no matter who or what you are, so long as you treat your fellow-man and woman with respect, love, kindness and strive for harmony not just in yourself, but in the world.

In Zen Anarhy religion will not ask for money, the world helps its own people. In Zen Anarchy intolerance of another religion, person or belief is unacceptable. In Zen Anarchy religion has no say in World Matters- god does not define how we help our fellow-man, we define how pure of heart we are in giving ourselves selflessly to our global community. We let no man sit in clouds telling us what is right and wrong, we are taught respect, judgement and selflessness from birth.

The world, without money, without economy will be so much more of a selfless place that religion will be near irrelevant.

Money is evil and corruption, as preached by the church….Yet the church asks you, every week-week after week- for donations.

This is the hypocrisy evident in a religion that preaches intolerance.

Let the world learn to love on its own. Give it the legs to stand and it shall walk.


In ZA tomorrow, as well as in the Residential Living section, libraries are discussed. At first one might be mistaken for believing that I am talking about literal libraries, with books. However the libraries of tomorrow would contain not just books, but ideally thousands of items.

These massive warehouse like multi-level structures contain clothes, books, appliances, tools, implements, accessories, computers, hardware etc. The items contained in these warehouses are free. Yes, free.

These items can be taken by any man, woman or child. These items are mass-produced and stocked inside these warehouses so people can come and take what they need, when they need it. The name of the individual and the item/s taken are scanned and registered on a globally visible database (except personal/sexual/private items that individuals obviously do not wish displayed to the world).

Ideally, in a resource based economy clothing, household items etc. are all produced on a needs basis, not a sales basis. Clothing manufacturers, for example, source material from locally grown crops or product where possible, or from the major recycling plants on the outskirts of every city. This assists in speeding up the mass production facilities of each city, providing needs based clothing. Warehouses are stocked to capacity and re-filled when stock runs low.

Individuals who need, say, a jacket, come and take a jacket, placing their old, worn out jacket in the recycling facility closest to their location, which is then transported back to the major recycling plant to be re-made into more clothing.

The same applies to all consumer goods, mass communication is sent to every house via electronic means (eliminating the need for post drops and paper wastage) about what is recyclable and what needs to be disposed of by other means. However, wherever possible, all products will be made from green base products.

These warehouses provide clothing for everyone., not just those who can afford the purchase. This ensures that every human being on the earth is sufficiently clothed.

These libraries are not guarded, the doors are open to all, the item’s bar code is scanned into the global database upon exit. These libraries do not need guarding. In a Zen Anarchy society there is no money, thus no need to steal. All human beings are working towards a better future, not to better themselves. What need do you have to steal if everything provided for you is free?

Smaller versions of these libraries are located in the single being housing facilities, to ensure maximum productivity, lack of need to clog transportation to travel to the library warehouses, and to ensure that everything- when needed- is accessible.

I envision these libraries as a mass hub where anyone is welcome, free to take what they need and help assist in making their family unit the least stressful, and most productive it can be.

Without poverty, parents can be assured that all their attention can be focused on educating their children, working to better humanity, and not be stressed about finances or clothing their family.

These libraries would effectively be free of all regulation. I don’t feel that putting one person, or one company, or one group in control of what everyone should, or should not have, is a sensible decision.

Relationships that mean something

Every day we focus so much energy on maintaining relationships that have no benefit emotionally, functionally or, in today’s society, financially. Friendships sometimes bleed out, and while we spend time trying to tie it off with a tourniquet, we let other (truly meaningful) relationships begin to die.

Why do we focus on messaging people who really mean little in the long run? Instead of texting that friend you had two years back, who let your relationship wane due to obtaining a new love interest, shift your focus to that friend who’s been there and never shifted. Who messages you occasionally just to say hi, not to ask for anything, or to catch up because they’re bored.

Shift your focus from the meaningless to the meaningful. Instead of trying to achieve a social circle that works as a make shift status symbol, focus on improving those relationships that make effort to be around you, to attend your gatherings, to try to say hi.

It was about 18 or 19 that I decided to focus my time and energy on those 10-15 meaningful relationships in my life (Family, close friends and partners) and let the other ones die off as they may. We spend too much time creating an abundant social circle out of fear of being alone, out of fear of having no one to call, or talk to.

People need to be okay with being alone, but people also should realise that when you create a strong inner circle of the best people to surround you- You never will be alone. Occasionally I’ll branch out and contact a long-lost friend, I’ll test the waters and see if they’re interested in stepping from the outer circle to the inner. But I won’t waste my energy on driving that relationship forward unless there’s equal drive from the opposite party.

Don’t create drinking buddies that you see every 1-2 months, that don’t attend your get togethers, that don’t message just to say “Hi, how are you?”. If you don’t have friends that don’t mean something, step out of your comfort/current social circle and create ones.

It is important to surround yourself with like-minded individuals, individuals who support you even when they feel you might be making a mistake, individuals who show up. When creating networks, make sure you create contacts that assist you or aid you as much as you can assist and aid them.

Focus on the meaningful, the solid, make sure the obscure fade away until you are surrounded by a wall of your closest friends and family.

I imagine myself as a castle, using people to create the wall around me. Every meaningful friend is a large piece of the protective wall surrounding that castle. Every friend that isn’t close is a tiny part of that wall. Each time I branch out to a non-close friend and they don’t return the attention, their piece of the wall gets smaller and smaller until eventually it cannot support itself and falls. In these times, the more meaningful friends and family cover that gap. With enough pieces of large wall intact, you fortify your castle. With your castle fortified, no amount of problems, downfalls or incidents within your life can destroy your castle, your wall makes sure of this.

If you allow flimsy small bits of wall to damage the stability of your entire castle, your building is sure to fall. Flimsy walls allow gaps, opportunities for problems to slip through, opportunities for let downs and heartbreak with no support from your wall.

Make all your relationships meaningful. Get accustomed to being alone, only so you don’t fear it should it occur. In all other situations, you have your wall.

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